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New Duke North after-hours security screening station to open this week

posted August 4th, 2010

Duke University Hospital, working with Duke Police, will open a new, after-hours security screening station just inside the front doors of Duke North. Screening procedures will begin Aug. 6.

Beginning Aug. 6, security officers at the station will screen all individuals seeking to enter between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Hospital staff members may continue to enter and exit through these doors but must display valid Duke IDs to enter the hospital.

Visitors who arrive to see patients after 9 p.m. will be asked to proceed to our second visitor relations/security station in front of the visitor elevators. There, each visitor who is approved for entry will receive a visitor pass. Individuals who arrive at the front door screening station and cannot demonstrate a valid need to be in our facility after normal operating hours will be denied entry.

Security officers at our front door station will also monitor our outside entry approaches and the Duke North traffic circle.

The goals are to ensure the accessibility of the facility to all who have valid reasons to be onsite while also ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors and team members.

Other security enhancements being installed over the next several weeks include security swipe locks in the Duke North lobby stairwells and hallway doors in the Radiology/Emergency Department hallway. All other entry doors to Duke Hospital and Duke Clinic facilities have been fitted with electronic or conventional locks and will be locked after hours, and routine checks of these doors will be made nightly by hospital security officers.

As always, security officers will patrol the hospital and clinic building at night, and individuals found in the buildings without a valid Duke ID or visitor pass will be escorted off campus.

The changes are a result of routine reviews of security standards in the industry and at peer institutions.

As always, employees are encouraged to be “the eyes and ears” of Duke Police. If you have a security concern while at the hospital, please report it to Duke Police by calling 684-2444.